New details have been revealed about Prince Philip's funeral

New details have been revealed about Prince Philip’s funeral

Buckingham Palace said that 30 people will attend the funeral of Prince Philip of Edinburgh, according to British government regulations aimed at curbing the Coronavirus epidemic.

Second. Queen Elizabeth died in Windsor Castle last Friday, marking the centenary of her husband’s life. A final farewell from Prince Philip will also take place on Saturday in Windsor, the oldest and largest residence of the British royal family.

A detailed draft of the Duke of Edinburgh’s farewell party, pre-coded under the codename Forth Bridge, originally counted 800 invited guests.

The court announced a revised schedule for Thursday night’s farewell party, the main component of which is that only thirty members of the royal family will attend the Saturday farewell party.

Current UK government regulations allow a maximum of this number of guests to attend the funeral service.

A spokesman for Buckingham Palace emphasized, in the outline of the plan, that the redesigned timeline would take into account epidemiological parameters on the one hand, but also reflect Prince Philip’s wishes.

Philip, as the ruler’s late husband, would have enjoyed a full state funeral, but the Prince of Edinburgh himself made it clear again and again that he did not want a large-scale ceremony, but would prefer a private farewell with less military respect.

Depending on the schedule set on Thursday, Prince Philip’s coffin will be transported by an old green Land Rover that has been converted to St George’s Chapel not far from the castle.

The Prince of Edinburgh personally participated in the design of this converted car and expressed his wish for years to make his last trip on this car.

Prince Philip of Land Rover and the second. Queen Elizabeth’s four children, heir to the throne Charles, Prince of York Andrew, Princess Anna and Edward, were accompanied by the Count of Wessex, and among his grandchildren were Prince William, the future ruler of the United Kingdom, and his younger brother Prince Harry. His walk to the church.

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The family members gathered in the church wear a mask and meet the requirements for distance from each other.

The Queen, who will turn 95 next week, will accompany one of the court ladies with the official car of the royal family, a Bentley, to the ceremony site and be alone in the church, away from the rest of the family.

A Saturday afternoon ceremony will be held by Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury, the supreme religious honor of the Anglican Church.

Philip is, also in his desires, placed to rest at Windsor Castle Park, Frogmore Gardens burial park intended for members of the royal family.

Here is Queen Victoria II. She was also the mother of Queen Elizabeth, who died in 1901, and husband of Prince Albert, Victoria.

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