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Never-before-seen vampire squid found deep in the sea

Never-before-seen vampire squid found deep in the sea

It is the second known species of vampire squid still living on land.

Never-before-seen vampire squid found deep in South China Sea Life SciencesOnce discovered. From study It turned out that Vampyroteuthis simoniteuthis It is only the second living vampire squid ever described.

The first is a Hellish Vampire Which was found as early as 1903. This animal grows to only 0.3 meters, and despite its dangerous name and appearance, it is unlikely to harm anyone other than the small invertebrates it feeds on. This is mainly because it acts mostly as a deep-sea scavenger, meaning it mostly eats waste and the remains of dead animals.

The newly discovered animal also lives in the deep sea, about 800-1000 meters from the surface of the earth. The most obvious difference between the two types is that a V. SimonityothisUnlike its relative, it has a tail and a beak.

Dagon Chew

In the photo taken of it, the animal looks like a black blob, but in the sea it would likely look very similar to the animal. Hellish Vampire-to.

Although we currently know of only two living species belonging to the vampire squid family, we do know of several now extinct species.

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