Neurosurgeon Dr. Andras Ksokai presents a free university lecture

Neurosurgeon Dr. Andras Ksokai presents a free university lecture

– You know, that was three years ago in August of this year. Hungarian doctors led by neurosurgeon Andras Ksokai separated Bangladeshi Siamese twins born with fused skulls. The idea and realism of the Free University – Beyond Anniversary – is due to the courageous professionalism in the preparations and implementation of the chapter, which brings together several scientific fields, as well as Dr. Ksukai’s statement about the presence of Jesus in the operating room in Dhaka, which was recently revealed, mostly misunderstood and cynical , says the Bix Diocese Program Guide.

The objective of the Free Mobile University is an open dialogue between the Christian faith, science and the arts, with the participation of representatives of various disciplines, who themselves have experienced the presence of Jesus in decision-making situations in their profession and in spirits. We support all this with proven results and examples, which at the same time give us the strength to overcome the difficulties we face in life.

Dr. says. Neurosurgeon Andras Ksokai.

The show starts at 6:00 pm on November 7 at the Magtár Visitor Centre, and participation is free, but registration is required, as places are limited. You can register via the Pécs Diocese website.

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