The first ambassador of the United Arab Emirates to work in Israel

Neumann is hosting an online event on quantum computers

Organized jointly by QHungary, the Wigner Center for Physics Research and the Institute of Physics at BME, starting at 4 p.m., experts will debate whether computers based on the principles laid out by János Neumann will disappear with the advent of quantum computers.

At the meeting, Janos Asboth, associate professor at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics and a senior researcher at the Wiener Physics Research Center, will deliver a lecture on the architecture of quantum computers. From a presentation by Zoltán Zimborás, head of the Quantum Computing and Informatics Research Group at the Wigner Physics Research Center, those interested can learn which computational tasks are worth researching in the medium term and how NISQ and other applications are learning. According to the introductory prospectus, both professionals are co-founders of the QHungary Group.

The event will be held online on the Zoom platform, participation is free for all, but pre-registration is required, and can be done at

As the paper wrote, the John Newman Computer Science Association has played a prominent role in creating digital equality since its founding in 1968. His activities include IT talent management, which has been the lead organizer of the Nemes Tihamér International Programs, the Nemes Tihamér National Staff and the National Graphic Programming Contest for decades Time, and prepared for teams traveling to the Student Olympics (IOI, CEOI, EGOI, eJOI). The company’s goal as a GPS in the digital world is to help you navigate the world of the information society.


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