Networking With Peers During An Internship

As an undergraduate or graduate, it is a major key to have experience to place on your resume. Having an internship has the possibility of putting you at the top of the list when it comes to receiving a position. If you take advantage of the opportunities given more doors will open in your favor.

Companies love to pick candidates from a wide range of places to give everyone a fair chance. This tactic is great for them to grow as a business and for the interns that have been chosen. Your first day at a new internship is usually exciting. You want to make a good impression on the higher-ups, but always with the individuals, you will be working with. Those other interns have the possibility to help you excel in your department, let alone your career.

If you are the reserved type, you should make it a point to introduce yourself to each individual you encounter. Doing this will not only break the ice but signals to the receiver that you are not socially awkward and can possibly hold a conversation. You never know what you could learn from each other. For the interns with a more outgoing personality, try this same tactic, but do not become pushy or obnoxious. Give everyone a chance to warm up to each other first.

From experience, sometimes being the only African-American Male came off as intimidating to others unintentionally. I would make sure to always dress nice, remain groomed, and handle myself in a professional manner at all times. This goes to say if you ever feel left out because of race, Capitalize on it and dominate.

Yes, building life-long relationships with your peers are important, but you have to remember that business comes first. It is extremely important that you come prepared at all times. This mean Business cards, resume, flash drive, or a portfolio of your work. Anything that may be beneficial to your success, bring it.

The ultimate goal is to land a job in your field of study. If that does not make you want to mix and mingle then I don’t know what will. When there is down time, spark a conversation that will allow you to tell your story. You want as many people to know about your goals, what you have done to reach them, and what you have planned for the future.

“When you know people and they know what you do and your goals then they can help you get places,” says India Foster, a senior from Prairie View A&M University.

The best part about internships for me is trying to figure out the unknown, which I why I am a journalist. Every time you start your day on the job, go in with the mindset of  Sherlock Holmes. Try to you find out any new information about your career or the people you are working with. It will all be beneficial to you in the end. Gain hands-on experience, ask many questions, exchange social media outlets, and do not burn any bridges.

Allow your peers to help you to Yo next level of greatness – OFFICIAL STEFON

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Steffon Dreshad Johnson better known as 'Official Steffon' is a 23-year-old Journalist from College Station, Texas who started his journey in 2011 as a determined undergrad at The Prairie View A&M University.Before earning his bachelor's degree in Mass Communications with an emphasis in marketing, Official Steffon worked for 101X Jason and Deb Morning Show (Austin, TX), 101.9 The Beat (Bryan, TX), and K.A.Z.I 88.7 (Austin, TX) ' . Steffon strives to be a mogul in both the entertainment and business industry. He gets a rush out of being a gatekeeper by uncovering new information to reveal to his audience. Official Steffon is now dedicated to taking his radio show global by exceeding to grab exclusive interviews from the hottest icons in the game.He says he enjoys genuine vibes and strongly believes everyone has something to teach the next person.


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