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Nets’ lack of stellar assets could dash James Harden’s deal hopes

Nets’ lack of stellar assets could dash James Harden’s deal hopes

Nets and Rockets seemed to be playing the chicken game, as the bet was James Harden who scored three times.

Clearly, Harden is not only bent on leaving Houston, but the Rockets star has honed in Brooklyn as a favorite landing spot. Now it is left to networks to see how much price extortion the missiles will stick to, determine how much they are willing to pay and how to bridge that gap.

While there were reports of the spread of nets and missiles They had reached a verbal agreementThe sources denied that this was the case. Although most of the scenarios have a Nets parting with sets from Caris LeVert, Spencer Dinwiddie, Jarrett Allen and several first-round selections, they clearly don’t want to give up on the farm.

Meanwhile, after seeing the comeback New Orleans got on Jrue Holiday – including three first-round selections and two swaps – Houston is sure to demand the world.

“I don’t know if there’s a lot of appetite in your place in Brooklyn and you’re basically telling Houston,” Pick what you like on our list and pick our draft, “former assistant general manager of Nets and current ESPN analyst Bobby Marks on Sportsnet 590 The FAN said. I don’t think there’s an appetite for that as you ditch Spencer Dinwiddie and Jarrett Allen and Caris Leverett and basically say hello if you want trade-offs of 2022, 24, 26 and all that stuff.

James Harden
James HardenGetty Images

“I don’t think we’re there, and I don’t think the nets will ever be there [GM] DNA of Shawn Marx, he’s a high-stakes player, but not that far. So now it’s a matter of who flashes first. Will this bundle shrink a little as far as from the footage point of view? So I don’t think we are [where] This is imminent here. I think this is a kind of waiting game where every team is likely to wait for each other. “

Bobby Marks has experience with monster deals before, being part of the Nets trade with Boston that brought back Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce, and he – like most parts of the league – doesn’t think the Nets GM would be in any hurry to destroy it. Harden Team.

The Nets had a connection to Houston, but nothing concrete. The feeling in the league is that the Rockets are claiming a star in exchange for Harden, and this is in line with the deals that Philadelphia (Ben Simmons) or Boston (Kimba Walker, Gordon Hayward) can offer more than anything Brooklyn has to offer. Show. The question about Kevin Durant or Keri Irving is not a start.

Durant and Hardin – his former Oklahoma City teammates – spoke at length earlier this month in Los Angeles about playing together again in Brooklyn. There are conflicting reports about the extent of Irving on board.

Either way, Houston doesn’t want to give up on Harden at all before trying to save the relationship. Bleacher Report Rick Bucher said in The Odd Couple Podcast Tillman Fertita’s support for President Donald Trump’s conservative Rockets owner has sparked a revolt among players, including Harden and Russell Westbrook.

Even if Huston eventually sees the writing on the wall and moves Harden, he clearly wants a star player in return rather than a long rebuild. NBA sources confirmed this to The Post, and ESPN’s Kendrick Perkins – who played Durant and Hardin for OKC – expressed doubts that this would be done without a star being included.

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“The Rockets are not ready to give up their Rolls-Royce and replace it with a Camry. They want something else,” Perkins said on air. “If they were to exchange their Rolls-Royce, they would want a Ferrari back.

“They are not about to trade off James Harden, their favorite every year, the leading goalscorer in the NBA, or future youth. … No, they want something in return at the MVP level.”

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