Netizens can’t believe how much they caught the speedy golf driver

Australian police have arrested a 22-year-old driver for speeding. Such an event would not be newsworthy if the accelerating driver had not driven 280 km / h with a car that in principle could not have such a speed. Local police reported on their own site that the Volkswagen Golf RT was clocked at 174 mph, or 280 km/h.

This way exceed the local speed limit, because Australia is not Germany, there are no motorways without speed limits. The maximum value in this section is 110 km / h, so the 22-year-old driver was within the maximum permissible limit.

The moment the PIN is entered (Photo: NSW Police)

Skeptical commentators gathered under the news, who believed that this value could not be real. They noted that the Volkswagen Golf R’s factory maximum speed is 250 km/h, which cannot be 280 km/h on a slope or in a tailwind, according to the radar, so either the police made a mistake or the car was tampering with.

Netizens can't believe how much they caught on to Speed ​​Golf 2

Volkswagen Golf R is where you really feel comfortable on the racetrack

Volkswagen Golf R.

The seventh generation Golf R was no longer a weak piece of the factory, after weaving the creases, the two-liter already produced 310 horsepower. With a manual transmission, it accelerates in 5.1 seconds, while with a dual-clutch automatic transmission, it reaches 100 km / h in 4.6 seconds. On paper, the Golf R has a maximum speed of 250 km / h, but even with the factory tuning package, this value can be increased to 267 km / h.

Chances are, there are plenty of videos on the internet of the seventh generation modified Golf R happily hitting a range of 280-290 km/h. Some units hauled up to 500 hp, and with a bolt this big, that speed isn’t an issue, at least technically.

From the point of view of the law, it is more problematic, since the driver’s license for the young man has also been revoked, and a final decision in his case will be made after a court hearing in December.

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