Netflix's Resident Evil series is not getting a sequel

Netflix’s Resident Evil series is not getting a sequel

The live Netflix series Resident Evil has been canceled after just one season. The series that followed Albert Wesker and his family was not an overwhelming success even with the greatest of good intentions.

Netflix’s new Resident Evil series had great potential, but the end result did not live up to the expectations of fans of the franchise and general Netflix viewers. The story showed how the Albert Wesker family adapts to the zombie apocalypse in two timelines – although the method was unusual and new, we can generalize that the audience was not interested in the story presented in a very choppy quality.

and that is Limit According to reports, it has already paid off: Netflix bosses decided to cancel the series after only one short season, meaning there is no chance that the series will make up for us in a second season. By the way, Resident Evil is currently not very strong, it stands at 3.9 Scandal Points IMDB in the list.

Although the series had a relatively strong start, viewer interest and public outcry quickly faded. In its premiere week, the streaming service’s subscribers spent a total of 72.2 million hours with the series, which was enough for the series to appear at number two that week, under Stranger Things. The peculiarity of new releases that appear on streaming platforms is that they often gain more viewers in the second week after their release. This was no different in the case of Resident Evil, in the second week 73.3 million hours of the series were watched, but in the third week, the unusual mod dropped out of the top 10 on the platform.

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