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Netflix's latest documentary tells one of the most incredible stories ever told about a pair of twins.

Netflix's latest documentary tells one of the most incredible stories ever told about a pair of twins.

The documentary The Accidental Twins (originally titled Hermanos por Accidente in Hungarian Vélten szülte ikrek) was recently added to Netflix, and the true story has really shocked viewers.

The film tells the story of a pair of identical twins who were switched at birth in Bogotá, Colombia, showing how different the brothers' lives were, and how the mistake led to a complex situation that defined their lives.


Jorge Bernal And Carlos Alberto Bernal Castro They grew up believing they were fraternal twins. But later, they both found their identical twin on the internet – William Cañas Velasco And Wilbur Canias They are also believed to be fraternal twins.

The reason for this amazing situation was the fact that in the 1980s, the babies were accidentally switched in a hospital in Bogota, changing the lives of the two sets of twins forever.


The documentary reveals how the confused brothers finally found each other and the difficulties they had to face when everything they thought was real changed radically overnight.

This strange situation led to an accidental scientific experiment that showed that the personalities and lives of separated identical twins developed very differently due to environment, family, and other external factors.

Many viewers shared their opinions about the film on social media: “I watched The Accidental Twins on Netflix and it was an incredible emotional rollercoaster.” User wrote on X.

“I can't even imagine facing a reality like this.” Another commentator added.

“This is probably one of the most amazing human stories ever told.” A third viewer commented that he was impressed by the unusual story.

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