Netflix will return to the pre-coronavirus system

Netflix will return to the pre-coronavirus system

In March, the European Union asked internet content providers, including Netflix and YouTube, to restrict the amount of data on their services due to congestion on broadband internet networks. This was necessary because users who had moved home due to the Coronavirus pandemic began consuming much more content than usual, and online communication methods became more popular, not to mention digital education.

More and more places do not lead to more relaxation, and it seems Netflix doesn’t have to hold itself back either. Central Android Review to me

Videos up to 4K HDR quality can be watched again in Europe at 15Mbps.

At the time of the pandemic, the original bit rate of 15 Mbps was limited to 7.62 Mbps, the minimum speed required to provide 4K data traffic. Not all European countries will notice the improvement immediately, it may take some time, while the Hungarians may experience it.

In addition to Netflix, Apple, Amazon, and YouTube have also restricted their streaming quality in Europe. Apple TV + is back to old quality at the end of April.

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