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Netflix users couldn't finish Ripley due to 'disturbing' filming decision.

Netflix users couldn't finish Ripley due to 'disturbing' filming decision.

Netflix users stay away from new series, Ripley, About the controversial photography choice.

The eight-part show is based on Patricia Highsmith's 1955 psychological thriller, The Talented Mr. Ripley, It is the latest adaptation since the hit film of the same name starring Matt Damon in 1999.

Flea bag Actor Andrew Scott plays a notorious con man trying to infiltrate a world of glamor and wealth.

But fans were disappointed by his defining feature: he's completely black and white.

“I didn't stick around for the first episode. The cinematography is so annoying,” one viewer said.

“Why on earth too Ripley Filmed in black and white? Certainly the only reason we didn't shoot in color earlier was because of technology. “Totally killed it for me, but the dog seems totally okay with it,” another joked.

“Black and white is a good way to keep the budget down, but it adds nothing,” one viewer said.

Writer and director Steve Zalian revealed that the decision to shoot in black and white was made very early in the show's creation and was inspired by his own experience.

Andrew Scott as Thomas Ripley in the Netflix series Ripley (Netflix)

“Edition of Ripley “The book I had on my desk had an evocative black-and-white photo on the cover,” he said. Vanity gallery.

“As I was writing, I kept that image in my mind. Black and white suits this story, and it's wonderful.

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But that feeling seems to have been lost on many: “I'm really having fun Ripley On Netflix except I'm so angry because it's in black and white.

“What a crime to make a thrilling crime show set in 1960s Italy without presenting it in colour.”

The more artistically inclined enjoyed the cinematography, considering that it created an “atmosphere” in contrast to the original film, setting it apart from others.

“Great decision to photograph Ripley In rich black and white. It heightens the mood and tension of the piece.

But despite its Oscar-winning success Oppenheimerwhich was also shot in the same style, the old-school technique was distracting.

“I would not have lived before the invention of color television. I tried to sit down and watch Ripley, But its black and white photography makes it a no-no for me. “It makes my eyes bug out,” one person complained.

Another concluded: “Why a Netflix show? Ripley In black and white? They had a color film in 1955, when the first book came out, The Talented Mr. Ripley Back. Not depicting Mongibello in color is a waste of time…but then again I think the book was in black and white.

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