Három újabb játékkal csábít minket a Netflix bevezetőkép

Netflix tempts us with 3 new games

Netflix is ​​now expanding not only with shows, but also with games on a monthly basis, with another batch coming in October.

Netflix is ​​already taking video game aspirations very seriously, and not just by making premium game mods. The streaming watchmaker has been offering valuable games to subscribers in recent years, and their offering is getting more and more attractive every month.

Basically, we’re still “only” where the mobile titles are released, but it’s premium-grade fun without the subtle diversions and time-wasting mechanics (eg: Moonlighter, Exploding Kittens, Into the Breach).

Their October issues include very interesting and less exciting titles. Spiritfarer’s appearance on netflix, for example, not only justifies a subscription to the platform for this reason, but if you have access anyway, it will definitely be worth the download.

In addition to Spiritfarer, Nailed It! Also Baking Bash and Hello Kitty Happiness Parade. All three will be available on iOS and Android at no additional cost to Netflix subscribers.

We still have a lot to tell you, you can find everything interesting here!

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