Netflix subscribers get 4 fun games for free in August

Netflix subscribers get 4 fun games for free in August

Netflix isn’t idle in August when it comes to expanding its video game division.

Although the Netflix video game, or more specifically, the mobile gaming segment aimed at competing with Apple Arcade, hasn’t really taken off among subscribers yet, the company is very determined to do so. In practice, this means that the game catalog is replete with new creations every month, among which you can find a lot of especially cool ones.

Netflix Gaming, despite its slow start, will continue to expand in August 2022, when subscribers receive four games that promise to be particularly entertaining as well as movie and series shows. Therefore, there is no need to incur any additional costs, in fact, users will not encounter any ads or micro-transactions at the addresses available in this way.

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  • Netflix Alert!, which is a card-based team game that seems familiar to many. The game features hit Netflix titles and characters, and the player in line must guess with the help of his friends what or who is on the screen in front of his head.
  • immortality, an interactive detective story in which we have to unravel the mystery of the disappearance of a well-known actress based on previously unseen videos and films. The game will also appear in Xbox Game Pass. (Preview below).
  • Rival piratesIt is a very fun 3D adventure game in which the main objective is to collect as many treasures as possible.
  • Wild Things: Animals Adventurea puzzle identical similar to Candy Crush, whose heroes are endlessly cute pets who live on safari.
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We don’t know the exact date of the games being listed, but Netflix usually adds them to the catalog in the second half of the month. And in the latter half of the year, great games like the award-winning Spiritfarer, the awesome Raji, the shocking and star-studded Twelve Minutes, or the heist based on The Great Money Heist, La Casa De Papel: The Game, will arrive.

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