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Netflix revealed any of the 10 best original movies on the carrier: Brutal audience numbers

Netflix revealed any of the 10 best original movies on the carrier: Brutal audience numbers

For the first time in its history, Netflix has released top 10 permanent ratings from its first shows – Bloombergen In addition to the dozens to be found as well, the streaming giant has also delivered viewer numbers, so it’s especially exciting to see the balance of power between self-produced content.

As we’ve always been used to from the streaming service provider, the methodology isn’t overly presented to freaks now – all you need to know for sure is that the watch data below shows results for the first four weeks after the premiere. It was revealed earlier, incidentally regarding the Underground Six, that Netflix now counts its viewers after two minutes of watching, unlike the previous method, when it did the same after 70% of that content was completed.

At the time of the premiere of Tyler Rake: Evacuation, Netflix had already hinted that this title could bring a record home, and it had already achieved, with 99 million viewers, this streaming provider was already the first most popular movie of all time. A tight Birds movie followed two years ago in the box with 89 million spectators stopped by Sandra Bullock, while another piece this year, Spencer with Mark Wahlberg, hits the bottom of the podium in the footsteps of truth, which is also extremely brutal. With 85 million views. Of the ten films, three were shown in 2020 and six in 2019 – The Birds in the Box previously mentioned is the oldest title. Unsurprisingly, the growing interest in subsequent initials is that Netflix’s base has grown by 43.6 million new subscribers since early 2019 alone.

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To insert a:”We want a successful movie every two weeks,” Scott Stauber, Head of Film at the Broadcast Provider, wrote in a statement. “Some have Rick Tyler there, some have the other Messi.”

  1. Tyler Rick: Evacuation (2020) – 99 million
  2. Birds in the Box (2018) – 89 million
  3. Spencer on Footsteps of Truth (2020) – 85 million
  4. Six Underground – Six million from the Underworld (2019) – 83 million
  5. Willful killing (2019) – 73 million
  6. The Irish (2019) – 64 million
  7. Along Borders (2019) – 63 million
  8. Other Messi (2020) – 59 million
  9. The Catwalk (2019) – 56 million
  10. The Perfect Man (2019) – 48 million

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