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Netflix revealed an episode of Black Mirror where viewers can determine how the protagonist will behave

Netflix revealed an episode of Black Mirror where viewers can determine how the protagonist will behave

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On Friday morning, Netflix released a new episode of Black Mirror, which is very different from the previous one: this time, viewers will be able to decide how the story will unfold.

In the new installment of the wretched series, viewers will have to choose between several times how the protagonist will decide, and then the plot will unfold accordingly.

Netflix had long planned to release an interactive series based on a similar principle, and ultimately the tech-skeptical Charlie Brooker series was chosen. In the episode Bandersnatch, the protagonist is essentially the protagonist working on a computer game that allows for free choice, while being more and more immersed in this world. But I only say this on the basis of the descriptions, as the part only appeared during my Friday morning duty,

a sample Financial Times article notes, Introducing a format based on viewers’ decision is an expensive endeavor on the part of Netflix, but it could be fine, as some have long argued that the future of television could move in this direction. Netflix strategists have always seen an opportunity for further growth to tap the technological potential of the internet, but not traditional cable TV.

Netflix had previously tried interactive tools in its children’s shows, where there was a choice between different actions by the individual characters, which then led to different stories. And because the company says kids really loved this opportunity, they decided to approach adults as well.

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Earlier, HBO also released a Mosaic series app by Steven Soderbergh, which allowed the story to be traced from the perspective of the different characters.

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