Netflix Resident Evil Series presents a short teaser with one of the game’s most iconic opponents [VIDEO]

Cinema News – Actress Ella Balinska has shared the short-lived video along with the expected release time of the Resident Evil series.

The Resident Evil saga (home to The Hive…) celebrated its 25th anniversary this year, and fans can enjoy more and more news and content throughout the year. On the cinema front, Cell: Raccoon City is back in cinemas as a reboot of the franchise, which tries to be loyal to the source material but, based on initial criticism, can expect a somewhat lukewarm reception.

But Raccoon City wasn’t the only project to come back in 2021, the animated series on Netflix, The Hive: Infinite Darkness, premiered on Netflix this summer, albeit with a predictable plot that isn’t distinctly fanciful. As a final ray of hope, we’re now looking forward to the live-action series on Netflix.

The Resident Evil series is expected to arrive next year

The series revealed its cast this summer, with familiar faces as Lance Reddick, who played Sylen in Horizon: Zero Dawn, and will take on the role of Albert Wesker. In addition to Reddick, Paola Nunez, Ella Balinska, Adeline Rudolph, Tamara Smart, and Siena Agudong will also be in the series. It was Balinska who shared the first teaser of the series on her Twitter account.

The short teaser showed us one of the series’ most famous enemies, zombie dogs. These T virus-infected animals have been a source of danger that have haunted the actors since the first part of the saga, and they especially keep us in mind how frightening their presence was due to their high speed. The trailer ends with the series title, which – at least for now – is simply “Resident Evil,” and the actress herself shares the video with a date of 2022.

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