Netflix released a Chinese thread from Adam Sandler's new movie because the streaming provider isn't available there

Netflix released a Chinese thread from Adam Sandler’s new movie because the streaming provider isn’t available there

Adam Sandler plays the agent of a former NBA player in his upcoming Netflix movie, Hustle, who wants to revive his career by persuading a basketball star to travel to Europe to prove himself to America. Actor A Dan Patrick Show Bang Betrayed that his character was originally looking for the right basketball player in China, however, while movie studios are interested in pleasing Asian audiences, Netflix, not available in China, has asked the makers of Hustle to rewrite the story.

“In this scenario, I would have originally traveled to China to look for a player, but for some reason, Netflix is ​​not available in China. [az ötlettel] They came, “Guys, can’t we find someone in Latin America or Europe?” So I found myself in Mallorca, Spain. and she [eredeti koncepció az volt, hogy] “Let’s find a player in China,” Sandler said.

However, the setting of the story in Spain provided an opportunity for the Spanish powerhouse to battle the Memphis Grizzlies, Juancho Hernangomez, to play the featured basketball player in the film. “Hernango Field played better than me in every scene,” Sandler joked. “I mean, this guy just falls down and cries in the middle of the scenes, he’s doing everything really well. Every joke he makes reminds me he’s doing it way more smoothly than I might say.”

In addition to Sandler and Hernangómez, Hustle will feature Queen Latifah, Ben Foster, Robert Duvall and Jeremiah Zagar in the director’s chair, and the screenplay was written by Taylor Matern and Will Fitters. The movie is produced by Sandler himself, as is NBA star LeBron James, who plays the second star on Space Jam this summer. (Source: Indiewire)

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