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Netflix plans fewer but bigger movies

Előre menekülve: kevesebb, de nagyobb költségvetésű filmeket tervez a Netflix bevezetőkép

According to some reports, Netflix has seriously reconsidered its content production strategy for feature films.

When Netflix first started producing its own content, series like House of Cards or Stranger Things were still considered very strong winning series, but now the streaming service’s movies and series are receiving more mixed reception, which partly may explain why. They lost a very large number of subscribers recently.

This is certainly how the company’s management feels, as it turns out that they are likely to radically change the film strategy and in the near future will be producing fewer films, but with a much larger budget (hopefully with an emphasis on quality).

The The Hollywood Reporter Page, the report appeared, according to which Netflix wants to opt for a completely new approach to film production in the near future and instead of films that can be produced quickly and at low cost yet, it envisions the next generation of its films along the lines. “Bigger, better, less.”

Netflix has reason to trust this strategy, as Don’t Look Up, starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence, received multiple Oscar nominations, while Ryan Reynolds’ latest movie, The Adam Project, found millions of viewers the weekend after its release. .

The service provider has already embarked on more serious projects, it is currently preparing a sequel to Rian Johnson’s Dagger, and $200 million has been allocated for the latest film by the Russo brothers (Avengers: Endgame, Captain America: The Winter Soldier), The Gray Man. Which would rise to become Netflix’s most expensive movie.

Of course, while blockbuster films are getting the focus, an insider pointed out that a smaller budget is still being made, but it will likely appear less, and if all goes well, these types of films will also have a slightly larger budget.

There is nothing surprising in the fact that Netflix wants to change their strategy, since the tape is already coming to them recently, but we hope that they will rethink their approach not only in the field of films, but also in the field of series, because it is quite disappointing how they cut all the series which cannot immediately replicate the success of Stranger Things.

what do you think? Is there still a chance for Netflix, or will these changes not save it from unstoppable competition?

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