Netflix pays nearly 56 million euros to Italy

Netflix pays nearly 56 million euros to Italy

A tax dispute with Italy has been settled with Netflix He writes and Reuters. The Milan Public Prosecutor’s Office said in a statement on Friday that it had invited the multinational to pay 55.8 million euros under the agreement for a period from October 2015 to 2019.

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The amount of the agreement was given without specifying the company involved, but three sources familiar with the case confirmed that it was Netflix.

A Netflix spokesperson said the company is happy to have the case closed.

We have had constant dialogue and cooperation with the Italian authorities and continue to believe that we have fully complied with Italian and international rules.

said the speaker.

Swiss citizens have stated through Direct Democracy that they support a bill that would require broadcasting service providers to participate in the production of national films.

Prosecutors launched an investigation three years ago on suspicion of tax fraud. It was said that Netflix should have paid a tax in Italy because the company relied on the country’s digital infrastructure to stream content. The background to the payment agreement is that Netflix has now opened an office in Italy: a base has been set up in Rome and more than 40 employees are hired immediately.

Milan prosecutors have also investigated other US tech giants in the past for tax evasion, such as Apple, Amazon and Facebook. Thus Italy was able to recover billions of euros in taxes.

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