Netflix mobile games are available on iOS via the App Store

Netflix mobile games are available on iOS via the App Store

Since November 3, the first video games have become available in Hungary as well, which users with a direct subscription to Netflix can try at no additional cost – as long as they have an Android smartphone or tablet. At the time of the announcement, all that was known was that Netflix Games would be available to users of iOS devices at some point, but the company did not say a specific date.

According to insider information, the streaming service provider has already predicted with the release of Android how it will comply with Apple’s stricter regulations. Netflix Games is not a comprehensive cloud streaming service at the moment. Android users can browse through the games via the Netflix app, and the app eventually redirects the user to the Google Play Store, where they can install the selected software, which can then be played from the app.

A similar approach might apply to iOS, according to a Bloomberg author, Mark Gorman to me Netflix will release its games as separate apps in the App Store, which players can play in the Netflix app. But not all software will be downloadable or playable within the app.

Gourmet to me This solution may work, but it is not the best, because it should work as with series: it will be more convenient for the subscriber if he can perform all the steps inside the Netflix application. Netflix is ​​not currently dependent on the cloud, and if the company has serious ambitions, it will have to change that. Another question is whether cloud-based transfer is also possible on iOS, depending on whether Apple changes the App Store rules. Apple doesn’t allow third parties to launch all-in-one gaming services, which has made it difficult for Xbox Cloud Gaming, Nvidia GeForce Now, and Google Stadia to run on iOS.

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At the moment, the offer is also not very wide, first of all, five games are available for subscribers on Android. It is still unknown when the service will be launched on iOS.

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