Netflix meditation series is the best thing we've been able to get this year so far

Netflix meditation series is the best thing we’ve been able to get this year so far

What did you accept in 2021? First, I don’t think about things. So far, all my life, I’ve wanted to solve my problems by analyzing a situation, but I didn’t necessarily get ahead of it, I decided I needed something else (too). Last gingerbread, last bite of New Year’s Eve food, barely running out, On January 2, I confront him blinking for two years and find myself at a squirrel wheel again. Don’t get me wrong, I love my job, and I won’t trade anything. However, preserving my life, my career, my relationships, and building some free time, as well as living it out, isn’t that easy.

This Saturday, I felt like I was in the same place I was two weeks before Christmas stitching, when I was spinning Netflix (now honestly: Isn’t it easier to face a good streak than facing your own problems? Well!) Jumping up a sexyly cute recommendation To astonishment. At the time I didn’t know that A Headspace Guide to Meditation It will change my attitude and mood a lot in such a short time.

Get out of the squirrel wheel!

For my part, the vacuum The phenomenon and with it the founder, Andy Bodcombe He practiced his name, who practiced meditation in Nepal, India, Burma, Thailand, Australia and Russia for 10 years and shortened his career in sports sciences, eventually becoming a Buddhist monk. Back in England, his goal was to introduce as many people as possible to meditation. Gave a guided reflection to influential politicians, athletes, and businessmen – that’s how Rich Pearson, with whom Head Space was founded, met in 2010.. At first, the techniques Andy taught reached people offline, but later on – and this is where the real success of Headspace began – his articles, videos, animations, and guided reflections became available online, and thanks to the app, it can become an essential app for you. – if you make it a habit – like Insta or Pinterest.

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Besides Netflix, the most useful animated series on the streaming platform, Headspace Guide to Meditation, is by far the most helpful. Instead of throwing the Meditation Head Extender at us as a tired theoretical block for 3 hours, they covered topics like 8 (20 minutes) in episodes like Release, a Thanks, a Stress And the Anxiety Treatment or Pain relationship, Through practices such as Visualization, a Reflective meditation Or the Monitoring technology.

Hype games?

Since I don’t have much to do myself when I’m sitting in one place or having a hard time accepting the fact that anything can change my life if I pay attention to my breathing, it’s really hard for me to understand why meditation is. very helpful.

On the other hand, science has objectively looked at what was happening in the brain as a result of regular meditation, and this – along with a mini-breakdown on Saturday “again” – convinced me that it was time for me to get into it over and over. (Yes, I am a returning beginner.) Let’s get started nervous cellssal, which means that Your mind can be shaped, you can strengthen certain areas and shrink some of them. I know this might be a little far fetched now, but how much better is it to say, with regular meditation, that you can strengthen the areas responsible for patience, happiness, and acceptance? With 8 weeks of training, the part of the brain specifically responsible for feeling stress and anxiety shrinks.

Still not collected, how would you be happy with that? I’ll be honest: The theory that accompanied the practice was also something for me that I could hold onto when I was insecure and started savoring it right after practice. By far the most fascinating example of the benefit of meditation is definitely the Frenchman (and if you’re skeptical, let him be your driving force) who was found in a study years ago to be the happiest person I have ever met (scientifically measured). (Suppose it took decades of meditation practice, but that shouldn’t bother you!) When analyzing Matteo Ricard While meditating, they noticed that the frontal lobe of the frontal lobe was more active than the left hemisphere than the right hemisphere, which the scientists say explains the high degree of happiness he experienced while meditating – and at the same time his susceptibility to negative things with reality diminished.

What I’ve tried so far

I remember once reading a book in which the author wrote that he totally clicked meditation, waiting almost all day for the time to come when he could delve into his favorite activity. So I don’t know. I clicked on everything from Adam Driver to Riverdale to homemade buttery biscuits without a hitch, but meditation seems like nothing I could be a fan of.

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However, after watching the first part of the Meditation series, there was no doubt that the second, and third, part would comek, and even after episode four, we just stopped (watching with my husband) so we don’t eat everything right away. Thanks to the four drills, I was instantly able to try things that I previously thought were either a simple clich√© or an unattainable experience for me: I finally didn’t click (that’s a really dangerous result for me), I didn’t do a couple of days ago or after that, but I was there back then And location. (Wow, that’s racy now, but it was!) At that moment, I wouldn’t have traded the few square meters of my living room for any strange island.I didn’t feel like I was spinning or compelled to come and go feel good. But best of all: For the first time in 6 years, I didn’t wake up with anxiety.

Then the next day came, I sat down to my habits, my entrenched reactions, and in my first struggle, my mind smoked, so I could picture the last day of my freedom. I felt like they were simply programmed today to not do anything, which made me even more pissed off. Then It crossed my mind why don’t I look at a part and do an exercise? After 20 minutes, I asked myself the question. Now seriously: why didn’t I do this right after I reached out to that person instead of pulling my whole day on the toilet because I had this conflict so badly and then anything my day brought me?

By the way, we watched the last part while steaming a peanut cake coffee this morning. I’ve decided that I won’t have big vows in 2021, and I don’t promise myself that by July I will have six packs on my stomach, or I’ll go off sugar or learn to wake up early (the latter is impossible, I’m not going to try anymore), but I really managed to click on top of that I start my day and finish it with meditation. I hope it becomes a habit, and out of habit, more resilient and less disintegrating – if you’re in a similar setting, that’s exactly what I want for you, too!

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