Netflix may also be blocked from sharing your password

Netflix may also be blocked from sharing your password

Life seems unimaginable to millions without Netflix, but users can easily be banned if they break these three simple rules.

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After the tech giant revealed that it lost 200,000 subscribers in April of this year, repeat offenders who misuse their accounts will be punished. It can even be banned from Netflix.

Password sharing

Sharing passwords is one of Netflix’s biggest problems: it’s always banned, but millions of users circumvent this rule. The company has been very lenient on the issue, but that has since changed. After the drop in the number of users, the company imposed strict restrictions on users from sharing their passwords with their friends and family.

using a VPN

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, which allows users to log into websites from another country. This means that when using a VPN and accessing Netflix, users can watch TV shows and movies that are available in other countries.

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Netflix’s stance on VPNs is as follows: You can access Netflix content primarily in the country where you created your account and only in the locations where we provide our service.

However, rather than outright ban, users will likely be warned to stop using the VPN.

Make your own copies

Netflix User Policy states that Users may not archive, reproduce, distribute, publish, display or display any films or series from the Service anywhere.


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