Netflix launched a guided tour

Netflix launched a guided tour

Do you also want to go to the city where your favorite movie is shown? Suppose you eat a croissant where Emily is in the prize? Or check out London for Bridgerton or The Crown…

An award where we can go to several movies at onceFurres: Stephan / Pixabay

One of the best ways to fall in love with a country or country is a movie or series. When we immerse ourselves in a story, we go to places where we did not know a culture that is far from us, our curiosity about the world around us awakens.

More than 70% of Netflix viewers this year came from members who played in a country other than their own. For Netflix members, the location of a particular series or movie is often the most important travel destination. Netflix members are 2.4 times more likely to say a series or movie they watched will come first, and they’d be more interested in location (+24%), history (+25%), and local drinks than here (+26%).

Netflix has now decided to offer a free refund to the public in partnership with Sandemans New Europe Tours –darl key From the press release of the travel agency. Between July 11-17, there will be a week in London, Breeze and Madrid, where Hungarian travelers who are lucky enough to spend their spare time in these cities will learn about the history of the cities and sites to see for the successful series. More info about Netflix Tall.

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