Netflix launched a free page, in addition to Hungarian sync

Netflix launched a free page, in addition to Hungarian sync

Netflix unexpectedly launched a Watch the free pageNon-subscribers can also get an insight into some Netflix Original content that does not require any subscription or account activation, so you don’t even have to start the free trial period that is still with us (trial period is only available to new subscribers)

Watch Free is a free “show” on the Netflix library that offers limited content to anyone who does not have a direct Netflix subscription (of course, they can also view the show, Who have a subscriptionThe meaning I don’t really see, but whoever wants it can still do it)

However, this Netflix withdrawal might be ideal for those who want to watch some content for free and don’t want to activate the trial period, which already requires a credit card. The content available is understandably very limited, but it may be useful to anonymously learn about Netflix or streaming. In front of the specific content there is a short recommendation of Netflix special content, which we have not seen before, so it may be new for old bikers.

Additionally, the good thing about Netflix is ​​that the limited free library is immediately available in Hungarian, along with some Hungarian dubbing. Unfortunately, as I see, Watch Free is only available from a PC at the moment, such an option for smartphones or cell phones does not exist yet, which of course may change over time.

Here is a list of free Netflix Original content currently available:

  • Stranger Things S01 – in Hungarian dubbing
  • Murder mystery movie – in Hungarian dubbing
  • Elite S01 E01 – with Hungarian subtitles
  • Mr. Bibi is back to work with S01 E01 – Hungarian Dubbing
  • Birds in the Box with the movie – Hungarian translation
  • The Two Popes – in Hungarian dubbing
  • Blind Love (Love is Blind) (Original reality show on Netflix) episode. 01 – with translation in Hungarian
  • Our Planet (Netflix Original Documentary Series) Episode. 01 – with translation in Hungarian
  • Grace & Frankie S01 E01 – with Hungarian translation
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