Netflix is ​​planning a few more seasons of Butter, and they don’t want to tie Liam Hemsworth to just one more season

Liam Hemsworth will be with us for a long time.

We don’t have to wait long for the third season of Butters on Netflix, in principle, the sequel will arrive this summer, when we unfortunately have to say goodbye to Henry Cavill, who will hand over the baton to Liam Hemsworth. Yes, everyone will slowly be forced to accept that Thor’s younger brother will replace Cavill in the title role.

And according to the latest news, Netflix has already made long-term plans, as it wants to offer at least five seasons of Vaják (plus several spin-offs that could be put on the tube, of course).

Officially, so far, Netflix has only announced a fourth season, however internal resources According to him, preparations for the fifth stage are already in full swing, and they even want to disrupt production together in the case of the fourth and fifth seasons.

In any case, we certainly won’t be seeing these still-planning seasons on Netflix in the near future. Season 4 is still being written, the script almost certainly won’t be finished in the first half of 2023, and shooting itself obviously isn’t due until after that.

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