Netflix is ​​looking for hostesses with an annual salary of HUF 140 million –

Netflix is ​​looking for a discreet and motivated flight attendant who can work independently. You will pay well.

Netflix is ​​looking for a flight attendant for one of its private jets, and will pay up to $385,000 per year (about 140 million forints at the current exchange rate, roughly 11.7 million per month) for the successful applicant, writes bbc. The broadcast giant is looking for a candidate

  • has independent judgment,
  • separate,
  • motivated, impulsive,
  • Has outstanding customer service skills,
  • And recovers with a little guidance.

BBC reminds us of that Netflix cut hundreds of jobs last yearAfter the number of subscribers decreased.

The exact amount of remuneration will depend on the applicant’s background, experience and skills. The new host will be primarily based in San Jose, California, but the role will involve a lot of travel.

According to a Netflix statement, the aviation division helps the company “reach the world more efficiently and effectively so that the company can continue to create joy.”

The duties of a flight attendant on a Super Midsize aircraft include pre-takeoff checks of emergency equipment in the cockpit, cabin and galley, and she must be able to lift items of up to 13 kilograms during loading and stowage.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary for flight attendants in the country is just over $62,000 per year.

The company will publish last year’s fourth-quarter results on Thursday. The company revealed earlier this year that the number of paying customers had fallen for the first time in more than a decade after raising prices in key markets.

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