Netflix is ​​fake for us too

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Friday, March 25, 2022, 4:28 pm


Drive to Survive has yet to win for the title champ. Although it wasn’t included, it looked this season anyway, but there was no thanks for that.

Since Liberty Media dominated Formula 1, the sport has become significantly more popular, and has attracted a large number of viewers, especially young people. In many cases, the Netflix documentary series Drive to Survive, whose fourth season was released in March this year, has contributed to the passion for Formula 1.

However, not everyone is a fan, especially since the ring is receiving more and more criticism for the series. The biggest problem is unanimously considered to be unrelated to reality in some places; Lando Norris, who used to appear on it, also provided an example of how her makers have gone awry lately. In Jeddah, the topic is back again, and lead critic Max Verstappen, who exited the series, did not replay Netflix with kind words.

“I looked at some parts from last season and was really surprised to see myself in them making a statement. That scene was probably from 2018, they simply cut out and re-use what I said about the fight at the time. Needless to say, that wasn’t really true. To hear my voice it’s a little different,” the defending champion began at the press conference, where was also present.

But it wasn’t just because he was upset about him getting into the series without his knowledge. He doesn’t think the creators of Drive to Survive treat their characters well. He just mentioned Norris as an example with whom he has a good friendship. “I don’t like it not only because of myself, but also because of Lando and Daniel, for example. We are talking about two wonderful men. On the other hand, Lando is set as a bastard who cannot be further from reality. I know him, and I also know that a lot People know how cute and humorous it really is. But when you watch that episode, you just wonder who she is and what’s going on here.”

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“For those who have the sport as an innovator and have never seen an F1 race car before, they don’t like it. But why does it have to be that limit? He’s a great guy. It’s just a bad image of the competitor at first. That’s exactly what happened to me,” Verstappen continued, With whom F1 chief Stefano Domenicali has already spoken to, the Italian will also consult with Netflix on the series. Red Bull welcomes the initiative, but remains excited to be involved. “I saw the benefits at first, but now it’s at the level of a reality show,” he said, comparing the series more specifically to The Kardashian Family Show. The defending champion would prefer to see the season summary compiled by F1 itself to see if it has more reality.

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