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Netflix is ​​spending an incredible amount of money on their content this year

Netflix is ​​spending an incredible amount of money on their content this year

Netflix competes with itself every year. At the streaming service provider, they make sure of this and only pour the content from themselves: while browsing through shows, you will always find something new to watch, even if the quality of most of them leaves something to be desired.

The competition is definitely getting wider, as nearly every major Hollywood studio in recent years has launched their own streaming service (except for Sony, which has agreed with Netflix), so you can now subscribe to Disney + (Walt Disney), and HBO Max (Warner Brothers). And Paramount + (Paramount) to Peacock (~ Universal), but there’s also Hulu (also Disney), Amazon Prime, or Apple TV +, and the streak could continue.

And in a battle on this scale, the exclusive content ends, and Netflix spends it every year. And this year a lot is being spent on these things, although this is partly due to the coronavirus epidemic. In 2021, in the broadcast service provider They are spending $ 17 billion on their content. In 2020, that number was $ 11.8 billion, and in 2019, it was $ 13.9 billion.

The reason for the $ 17 billion this year is because many of the productions planned last year have stopped being fired due to the pandemic, so they are now being supplemented in addition to those that have already been planned. Just to get a better idea of ​​how much this is: 2019 was the best year in cinemas for Disney, and in that remarkable period, global cinema revenue for their films was $ 11.8 billion (usually half that amount) if accumulated, everyone would be really happy in that studio) . And less than half of the cinema’s revenue ends up with the distributor / producer.

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He’s also filming for Netflix …

On Netflix, they discussed the current situation in their first quarterly report:

“As we indicated earlier, some of the 2020 productions have been postponed to 2021 due to COVID-19, which will provide space for many franchises returning in the second half.”

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