Netflix is ​​already discovering which movie you want to watch for us

Netflix is ​​already discovering which movie you want to watch for us

Netflix will officially launch the new Play Something feature for all of its users starting Wednesday – This was reported by The Verge.

Adding the new button expands the user interface for the streaming service. The Play Something feature will automatically suggest new shows and movies that the user has not yet watched.

The button will appear in several places in the Netflix app, including when signed in in the left navigation bar, and it will also be available on the tenth line of the Netflix home page.

The company has been testing this feature for months, under various names (including “Shuffle Play”), but it will make its official debut worldwide on Netflix on Wednesday. The company will launch the new TV-based apps for the first time, but plans to introduce it later on Android devices.

Netflix has confirmed that “Play Something” is not just a “random” button that selects a random movie or series from the streaming service’s nearly endless content. Instead, the new feature uses the personal account and preferences created based on it to showcase the works the user is likely to like.

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