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Netflix is ​​already available on Vodafone TV

Netflix is ​​already available on Vodafone TV

From September 14, Vodafone will be the first Hungarian carrier to add Netflix to its portfolio, and if customers with Vodafone TV and a monthly mobile subscription purchase a Netflix subscription with the service provider by December 13, they will have 2 or even 3 months to go depending on the mobile package Their own. Vodafone means subscription.

For Red tariff customers, the free period is quarterly, for Go customers and some fleet subscriptions, it is two months.

Thanks to the expansion, subscribers can access Netflix from the Vodafone TV menu in addition to the usual devices (smartphone, smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop computer, game console), and the streaming service does not require a smartphone or a repeater, which makes set-top -box The app is available on any TV.

From today, Netflix is ​​finally Hungarian

The world’s leading streaming service has been waiting for users with a Hungarian interface since midnight, and the company has shifted even higher in Hungarian-language content than before.

for our question LINERT MARTONVodafone Hungary, Director of Retail Product Marketing and Content, revealed that all three Netflix subscription packages currently available will be available via Vodaone TV, so if someone has a compatible device, they can take advantage of the Premium option, such as 4K resolution, HDR and Dolby Atmos. .

However, it is important that when the promotion is activated, the standard Netflix package is automatically registered, after which it is possible to switch to a smaller or larger Netflix package, but in this case the length of the free promotional period also changes.

Márton Lennert also revealed that the collaboration had been initiated by Vodafone, and that negotiations with Netflix had already begun before the UPC integration was completed. Vodafone has already run similar campaigns in many markets, and Hungary has already made so much progress in terms of over-the-top (OTT) content that such a campaign makes sense.


According to the director, the successful cooperation was also due to the fact that Vodafone is a dynamic and young brand with good brand values, with similar goals to Netflix, and the fact that the company has a large customer base, which means advertising, is not a small matter, that is, the well-known brand In Hungary it helps the streaming service provider to expand.

By making Netflix available, of course, Vodafone expects the TV service to become more popular with consumers, and Márton Lennert emphasized that in the long run, viewers are expected to access everything easily (traditional and consciously chosen linear content in one interface). ) and receive related software in an ad hoc manner.

Development is not only happening at our service level, but at the same time the consumer is becoming more aware of consuming content, and we support this development curve with our services, and this is the focus of the development of our products and services. And like content, administrative tasks are good when you’re in one place: from the customer’s point of view, it’s also an important advantage to be able to order or pay for Netflix in one place, for example, from your mobile phone via TV.

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