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Netflix House: The immersive experience will arrive in 2025.. When will you be in Paris?

Netflix House: The immersive experience will arrive in 2025.. When will you be in Paris?

Netflix like you've never seen it before… The SVOD platform is embarking on a new adventure, opening its first immersive entertainment venues, Netflix House, in Dallas and King of Prussia in 2025. Immerse yourself in the world of your favorite series and movies with live sets, exclusive shops and unique dining offerings . An experience we hope to see in Paris soon… Let's see!

Netflix And immersive experiences: a great love story! The SVOD platform announced that it will soon open two Netflix houseImmersive entertainment venues where you can fully experience your series and movies. Get ready to be a Texan in 2025 In Dallas And Pennsylvania In King of Prussia You can also throw yourself into the world of your favorite shows. These first two homes promise a new and captivating experience Netflix fan Before the concept spread around the world.

Netflix It has never hidden its ambition to be more than just a simple streaming service. The platform, which has 270 million subscribers around the world, is video games After its introduction, it takes it a step further by providing permanent physical locations. the Netflix House“Experimental entertainment venues“, which will include collections of famous series such as Bridgerton Chroniclethe La casa de papelthe Weird things And that Emily V Paris. In addition to the captivating landscapes, these places will also have shops where you can purchase exclusive items!

These new homes were built previously Netflix You will be inspired by the many physical experiences he has already presented Squid game And the The House of Papel Parisian stores pop up around, or Stranger Things Festivalwhich enchanted Paris in 2022 (and also Experience strange things In 2023). Marianne Leethe Netflix According to Marketing Director A Netflix Homes They will offer new experiences, shopping opportunities, and unique dining options inspired by favorite series and movies.

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For fans in and around Paris, the question remains whether it will open in the region as well Netflix Homes? With the first US locations opening in 2025, the success of these locations will undoubtedly determine the future expansion of this innovative concept. According to our sources, they have not confirmed anything yet, in fact, they have not even made a statement about their arrival in Paris. the Netflix However, given the success of its events in the capital, it is doubtful that the SVOD platform would pass up the opportunity to set up shop in Paris or the surrounding area… Now we can't help but push!

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