A Netflix úgy kaszált el egy sorozatot, hogy annak meg sem jelenhetett a már leforgatott első évada bevezetőkép

Netflix has suspended a series in such a way that even the first season that was already filmed can’t be shown

Grendel’s comic book will not be modified by the streaming service.

In case you didn’t know, Grendel is a comic book series by Matt Wagner. It was first published by Comico (from 1982), then after the company went bankrupt, it was moved to Dark Horse. The main character is a writer named Hunter Rose, who wears a costume at night and acts as a murderer and a criminal. The character has grown over the years, to the point where he appeared in a crossover with Batman in 1993, so it’s no surprise that Netflix saw potential in him.

The streaming service also requested an eight-episode season of it, as they wanted to show the world of Grendel in a live version, thus attracting fans and gaining new viewers. The series was announced in September 2021 with Andrew Dabb (Odaát, Resident Evil) as the show’s director, and Abu Bakr Ali (The Walking Dead: World Beyond) starred in the lead role.

The Limit However, it has now reported the sad news that Netflix is ​​not planning further Grendel Project, the series will not air, but at least the creators have been given the opportunity to move in with others and find a new home for it.

However, Andy Mintos, who was hired for one of the roles, revealed in an emotional way In an Instagram postNot only was Grendel one episode filmed, but an entire season was filmed. Something similar recently happened with Batgirl on HBO Max, even though it was a movie.

It’s not clear how far Grendel’s crew has gone in post-production, as they may not have completed visual effects or editing, which could cost everyone the production saves dearly, not to mention advertising costs.

However, since the series is already filmed and is a comic book adaptation, this could be a cost-effective option to get content if there is any competitor. HBO Max isn’t a potential savior given its current financial situation, and Disney+ prefers its own products, so alternatives like Amazon Prime, Hulu and Paramount+ remain.

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