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Netflix has reacted to the staggering sum of Szarvasbébi's lawsuit

Netflix has reacted to the staggering sum of Szarvasbébi's lawsuit

The woman portrayed as a bully in the series Szarvasbébi has sued Netflix for an insane sum of $170 million, or 62 billion Hungarian forints, and the streaming giant has responded to the case.

Netflix commented – in a very uncharacteristic way – on Baby deer The scandal surrounding his series is that the woman portrayed as a bully in the series is Fiona Harvey. (renamed Martha in the Netflix version and played by Jessica Gunning) filed a lawsuit against Netflix.

The streaming giant has remained silent on the matter so far, but after Fiona Harvey's lawyers filed a damages claim, a spokesperson for the streaming platform said:

We definitely want to defend this case and defend the right of Richard Gadd (the creator of the series and also one of the main characters, who was actually harassed by “Martha” – editor) to tell what happened to him.

In another move that could be seen as a reaction, Netflix has put out a casting call for Gunning to play Martha. In the 80-second clip, Janning reads a scene from the series' first episode, in which Donnie (Jadd) and Martha go out for coffee, and the conversation ends with Martha throwing a tantrum:

It also appears that Netflix is ​​trying to undermine Harvey's claim by bolstering its support for the show with this video – as if nothing happened.

As previously revealed: In fact, Scottish barrister Fiona Harvey, 58, has received numerous threats by her own admission. Baby deer of her viewers after the “armchair detectives” concluded that she could be the show's lady bully. The lawyer is Piers Morgan Uncensored He also spoke on his show and recently

He sued Netflix for $170 million (converted to 62 billion Hungarian forints) because the streaming giant did not adequately protect his identity,

And because the series tarnished his reputation because, contrary to the story, he was never actually convicted of harassment.

Fictional bully Piers Morgan in Baby Deer

In many ways, the 58-year-old Scottish barrister is the exact opposite of who she was portrayed by Richard Gadd, who she harassed, in the hit Netflix series.

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(Via The Independent)

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