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Netflix has reached the level of reaching people – there it is now

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The broadcast provider only had 6 million new subscribers in the last quarter, but due to the pandemic, nearly 2.5 million additional users, 8.51 million users, have recently requested the service. According to an article on, by the end of last year, the number of Netflix subscribers had risen to 203.7 million globally.

In 2020, the broadcast giant also broke its own previous record, growing by 36.6 million subscribers in one year. It closed the previous record year in 2018 with 28.6 million new subscribers.

Netflix also recorded fourth-quarter revenue of $ 6.64 billion.

The service provider currently holds over 500 productions for post-production or pending offer. It already has 71 movies planned for this year. At least one new movie is scheduled to be shown to subscribers this week.

It was among the most popular Netflix series late last year

The fourth season of The Crown.

According to the service provider, since its launch, the series has garnered more than 100 million viewers. (Netflix counts as a viewer who watches at least 2 minutes into production.)

Another successful production was with The Lead, which was watched capturing 62 million subscribers for the first four weeks of its show.


Competitors include Disney Plus, Hulu, HBO Max, Peacock, Discovery Plus, Paramount Plus, and Amazon Prime Video.

In a letter sent to its shareholders, the company pledged to provide content that would allow it to maintain its leading position in the competition for broadcast providers.

Disney has 131.4 million subscribers worldwide, of which Disney Plus has 86.8 million subscribers, Hulu has 38.8 million, and ESPN +, which broadcasts sports shows, 11.5 million.

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Netflix CEO Reed Hastings said Tuesday that the company still has plenty of room to grow. In the United States, where it’s found in about 60 percent of households, Netflix still accounts for less than 10 percent of all TV watching time. “We have a lot of subscribers in the United States, but we want to make more TV time,” he stressed.

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