Netflix has cut one of its most hopeful comic book series into just one season, and has taken its characters to the wind.

Netflix has cut one of its most hopeful comic book series into just one season, and has taken its characters to the wind.

When Netflix bought out the filming rights to nearly the entire catalog of comic book publisher Millarworld in 2017, it may have seemed like one of the most lucrative deals of the year. Mark Millar was already one of the most successful comic writers of the time and films based on his pamphlets (Kingsman – The Secret Service, Ha/Ver, etc.) success years ago. Reed Hastings first filmed the Legacy of Buyer series for $200 million, but the series, which debuted May 7, did not clash with critics. (Among other things, we didn’t like him either.) Probably because of that, Deadline According to your information The streaming provider has already cut it out and started working on a live Supercrooks adaptation instead. Millar confirmed their information on Twitter shortly after.

“I am very proud of the work the crew did with the legacy of Jupiter and of course everyone else who contributed in some way to Season 1. I had a lot of questions about what other plans we have with this world and all I can say is that it’s time to see what the opponents are up to. I’ve always been a fan of Scorsese’s or Tarantino’s crime stories, and super villains are usually the best part in superhero cinemas.Doing something that’s specifically focused on villains is about how it feels to be in a world full of good people who would most like to put you in jail For me.The Legacy of Jupiter is a vast and rich world full of unforgettable characters, so I’m happy to announce that the next step in exploiting this will be an adaptation of the live-action Supercrooks series.Because of that,we were forced to blow the cast,but I’m still sure we’ll be back their story later,” he wrote in his tweet.

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The decision is surprising in many ways: On the one hand, because in an interview with two weeks ago, Millar mentioned that the Season 2 scenario was largely in place. On the other hand, because the streaming provider is already making Supercrooks anime. Not to mention it’s only four weeks away since the premiere, so we’re probably not exaggerating when we say that the Legacy Buyer numbers are well below expectations.

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