A Netflix elkaszálta a Resident Evil-sorozatot, nem lesz második évad bevezetőkép

Netflix has canceled the Resident Evil series, and there will be no second season

As so often before, Netflix was only interested in math.

You can tell about Netflix that they don’t shy away for a moment when it comes to cutting out series. Even if the series performs well, if it fails to achieve the expected numbers (which can be very high given production costs and license fees), the scheduled production will be mercilessly cut off. A particularly good chain has not fallen victim to this business policy in the past.

It can be argued whether Netflix’s Resident Evil also belongs in the “exceptionally good” category, which is Limit However, according to his information, it is certain that we no longer have to count on continuity. Netflix did not order a second season, but rather canceled the series.

Of course, the series itself coped with the basic work quite freely and presented viewers with a completely new story: the plot was played out on two time planes, on the one hand we can see the events that took place in New Raccoon City, and on the other hand we can also see the events of the world after 14 years.

In the GameStar review, HP listed the series’ bugs one by one, but also noted that despite this, this was probably the most likely adaptation to date, though there’s no doubt that the bar wasn’t set that high at all.

Do you regret that the second season of Netflix’s Resident Evil series can never be completed, or would it be a shame to continue the series?

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