Netflix has also ended its free trial in Hungary

Netflix has also ended its free trial in Hungary

Netflix recently made a drastic decision, ending its free trial in Hungary as well.

The most exciting outlet in online forums is Netflix’s recent decision, and as of April it is only possible to subscribe to the streaming service if we pay for it from the first minute after registration. German and American viewers were able to bid farewell to the one-month trial period as early as 2020, with the option unavailable in the United States since October. Meanwhile, Netflix has tried the opportunity to make headlines of success available to anyone like Stranger Things and the first part of Spanish Elite, Birds in a Box, Sandra Bullock, The Two Pope or Just Our Planet – The Wonders of Our Planet, who trusts those who taste these. Movies and series will become curious about more content and subscription. Currently, this option is paused as well, so There’s no way to get a taste of the benefits of netflexing for free.

Why is Netflix so strict?

It is clear that there may be commercial interests behind the online video store’s decision. Netflix dropped large sums of money from viewers who cheated on the arrival of new content they were interested in, signed up for a new email address, watched the movie or series for free, and then canceled their subscription before they had to pay. Additionally, during the coronavirus pandemic, many films that originally could have been shown in cinemas eventually came to light. In the case of Netflix, a good example is Enola Holmes, starring Millie Bobby Brown, by Warner Bros. In movie theaters, but she appeared on small screens due to a health emergency.

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There are currently three ways to subscribe to Netflix, The basic package costs 2,490 HUF You can watch TV on one screen at a time. Standard is already 3190 HUF, But the number of available screens is two, the content becomes available in HD quality, while the Premium package costs 3,990 HUFYou can enjoy four screens simultaneously, even in Ultra HD quality.

Do other broadcast providers have a free trial?

There is a new trend among the largest online video repositories, allowing viewers to savor their content for free for less and less time. Offers more and more Hungarian language strings and leads to full translation Amazon PrimeThe trial period is 7 days, but the service is currently very cheap, instead of just 1899 HUF The subscription costs 899 HUF per month.

For that amount, we can watch productions like Invincible, which is also a brutal animated series on The Bloody Superheroes by The Creator of the Walking Dead, but science fiction fans can find their accounts with the fourth season production Man in the Citadel, if there is someone. What making you laugh. Longing, you will introduce yourself to a bittersweet atmosphere for the wonderful Mrs. Meisel.

In addition to Amazon Prime, who works in the expensive The Lord of the Rings series, the + Apple TV It’s also trying to catch up with Netflix, already in terms of quality. In Apple’s streaming provider, we’ll find movies like Palmer starring Justin Timberlake, Oscar-nominated Wolfwalkers, and the Russo brothers’ military drama Cherry: Lost Innocence.

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Among the series, we also see Post-Apocalypse, the lesbian poet Dickinson, and The Servant, who are linked as M. Night Shyamalan by the US press, not to mention For All Mankind and The Morning Show. the service The trial period is a week A month later 1890 feetIt will cost, however Apple TV + is free for 12 months with the purchase of an Apple device, Which will also feature an enterprise small screen adaptation in the near future.

Very fashionable in our country HBO GOHe had a free trial until October 2019, at the time testing period Shorten it to a week, and now There is absolutely no possibility for him. The monthly fee for the service is exactly the same as for Apple TV +, that is 1890 HUF / month.

On HBO GO, you can choose from hit titles such as Battle of the Thrones, Watchmen, or Just the Mafia, but new titles include fun products like Kate Winslet’s Easttown Mysteries, the mysterious The Nevers, or Just Rude. HBO GO will be launched in Hungary this year, and the online video library will be replaced by HBO Max.

One of the largest streaming service providers will arrive in 2021 Disney + Also, in addition to the first two seasons of The Mandalorian, we hope to have fun syncing WandaVision, Falcon, Winter Soldier, and Loki within a few months. Mouse company’s video library is $ 7.99, roughly It costs 2,400 HUF Per month, which just makes it hair cheaper than Netflix.

Launched in November 2019, the service’s subscriber base is growing at an astounding rate, already surpassing 100 million registered users. On Disney + There is no free trial version Currently, even their films, which are shown simultaneously in cinemas and broadcast providers, are provided for an additional cost of $ 30. In addition to the last live Mulan movie, Raya and the Last Dragon also appeared this way, and Disney plans the same with Black Widow and Monster.

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