Netflix has a useful new feature

Netflix has a useful new feature

A new function has become available on the Netflix interface, which allows account holders to log out of devices of unknown or unwelcome people. The innovation relates to the streaming service’s plans to gain new subscribers by ending mass password sharing, reports Techcrunch.

If Netflix subscribers want to start removing specific devices from their accounts, they can do so via the “Access and Device Management” option found under the Account Settings menu item. A list of devices each user has recently used, their IP address, location, and the exact time they logged in are also displayed here.

After a subscriber selects the option to sign out for an unknown device, Netflix recommends changing the password as an additional security feature, but this is not mandatory. After logging out, account owners will be notified of new logins by email.

The feature launched on November 15th and was immediately made available globally on the web interface and on iOS and Android devices.

Managing accessibility options will be mainly useful for users who have subscribed to the basic Netflix package. In this case, you can only watch series and movies on one device at a time. On the other hand, Standard package subscribers can watch content on two supported devices at the same time, while premium subscribers can stream on up to four devices at the same time. However, the introduction of the new function does not end the service provider’s battle against password sharing: a new function will appear next year, which requires the owner to pay extra money to share personal files outside the home.

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