Netflix got the right to follow Pokémon

Netflix got the right to follow Pokémon

For years, Netflix has been trying to reach the youngest age groups and families with children through its products. That’s why they licensed several Nickelodeon and Dreamworks shows, but now they’re taking another serious step to expand this portfolio item.

Netflix recently announcethat all newly introduced Pokémon parts will be available on the US streaming provider platform alone. In this sense, the latest season 23 of the world-famous franchise, The first 12 episodes of Pokemon Journeys: The series will premiere exclusively on Netflix in the US starting in June.

Thereafter, additional Pokemon sections will be added to the service provider’s platform on a quarterly basis. This does not mean that only Netflix can stream this content globally, because who owns the rights to the series also varies from country to country.

ClarificationSource: Origo

Emily Aarons, Vice President of Pokémon International, says Netflix’s huge subscriber base makes it an ideal partner for getting the popular franchise to more people. In addition, segments can be shown to the streaming service provider at any time, even multiple times.

Prior to the deal with Netflix, Pokémon episodes were shown on Cartoon Network and Disney XD TV channels in the United States. Recently, more and more Pokémon content has appeared on Netflix. In addition to the latest movies, older parts and previous seasons have also been added to the provider’s offering.

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