Netflix Gaming Testing Begins

Netflix Gaming Testing Begins

At the moment, the company is not thinking in terms of games.

Unexpected news arrived about Netflix’s house in mid-July, where it first set up a game development department and then a few days later extracted information from its mobile folder that PlayStation Now’s cloud-based game-playing service might be available to its subscribers.

NetflixSource: Netflix

These days, with the same surprise, the company is silent I showed Netflix Gaming, but the service tested in Poland in its current form can be described as very disappointing. As part of the initiative, a games section has appeared in the Netflix Android app for Polish customers, where they are uploaded to find out just about the existence of Stranger Things 3 and Stranger Things: 1984 mobile games and then click to install them from the Play Store.

As subscribers, they can play with them without ads and microtransactions.

Even more disappointing, the company said it does not intend to become a “Netflix for video games” at the moment, which means that even if there is a cloud gaming collaboration between it and Sony, it won’t be available to consumers as of late.

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