Netflix games are now available on iPhone and iPad

Netflix games are now available on iPhone and iPad

In addition to games, subscriptions are also enabled through the Apple system.

Shortly after we wrote earlier this week about Netflix Games being accessible on iOS and iPadOS devices, the streaming provider has already made it available, even in every country where we can subscribe to Netflix, and what’s more, even cheaper, also for bundle users. Standard – no additional charge.



After installing the latest update, the app should theoretically place a list of games available in our faces among other movie and series categories, but in our case this didn’t happen, but we searched for “game” and found all six currently available titles (the list we posted was also supplemented by Bowling Ballers). Although the games have their own page within the app, clicking the Download Game button will take us to the App Store where we can start the download. All downloaded games become available directly from the device’s home screen or from the app library, but if you stick to them for some reason, you can also play them from Netflix.

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The 9to5mac According to the information, the new update has restored the ability to subscribe to Netflix through Apple’s own system, and a screenshot of it has been included, but we have not been able to do so yet, and this may be due to the fact that this feature was not introduced at the same time. It will be available to all users or simply not in all countries.

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