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Netflix filmed deforestation in Romania, cut down by lumberjacks “Benchmark”

Netflix filmed deforestation in Romania, cut down by lumberjacks “Benchmark”

This article is over 1 year old.

Angry woodmen and forest workers hijacked documentaries from Netflix and forest conservationists for a short time in Cerna Creek in southwestern Romania in Domogled National Park.

Roman France Press agency Netflix’s first domestic production in Romania broken His employees and the employees of Agent Green, an NGO that helps them protect woodland areas, are first attacked by loggers and then taken hostage by the entire company in the middle of filming.

The aggressive reaction, according to both employees and Agent Green employees, shows primarily how the lumber companies operating in the country, especially the large multinationals, used to take responsibility for their environmentally destructive activities.

“The trees in the woods in the middle of the Domogled National Park are used to make inexpensive furniture all over the world, but they are not honest with consumers when it comes to harvesting.”

The NGO said.

The team had previously realized that an Austrian company had a quota-based logging permit in the national park and an employee of Romsilva had also illegally harvested trees, and the police and foresters were informed of this. Then, on their return, workers recognized their cars and cut down large trees in the middle of the road to prevent them from moving forward. Later, other trees were diverted to fall on them, but they finally managed to escape from them.

The crew was released after the incident, but details of which will appear in the documentary series. Green Factor activists added, all in a strictly protected UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The Broken Netflix series has been followed by the big global companies responsible for environmental destruction around the world, showing not only the cosmetic and tobacco industries, but also the level of exploitation and environmental devastation behind the export of cheaper wood, especially from Romania. Furniture at present more than 20 years.

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The creators of the series, with the help of their material filmed in Domogled and Retyezát, will prove item by item in the section expected to be released on Netflix’s paid video entrants on November 27th.

Although in 2017 the country’s environmental regulations and logging were tightened slightly, this hardly stopped the timber production of the timber companies. One reason for this is that illegal deforestation is becoming more prevalent among logging companies, and the authorities have not taken action against this.

By the way, in Romania, the mining and logging activities of large, Western and Chinese companies have been a problem for decades. However, due to the greater strength of Western companies, it is not easy to succeed against a Canadian company raised by Romanian environmental activists for contamination of the Rosia Montana mine.

The CETA draft free trade agreement, which is still on the agenda between Canada and the European Union and with support from the Hungarian government, aims to make these multinationals less accountable and more able to enforce it, both toward states and the European Union. As a whole.

(France Press agencyAnd the Romania inside)

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