Netflix explodes fall with exciting new series and movies

Netflix explodes fall with exciting new series and movies

HBO Max has jumped on its head to Westeros and House of Dragons, which was produced as a prequel to Game of Thrones, and is already in full swing, while Amazon has put under its roof the most expensive series ever, set about the time before The Lord of the Rings. Obviously a Netflix It doesn’t let you get bored either, and it returns with sequels like Dynasties, Season 5 starting on 24, or Fate: The Winx Saga, which you can watch from September 16th. In our collection, this time we focused on new series and movies, but we also recommend a very interesting documentary from our hearts.

Unexpected meeting – September 1.

The fourth season of Esernye Akadémia has been ordered, but the series has been cut short. However, we wouldn’t be without Tom Hopper, who plays One, thanks to this little lemonade. The unexpected meeting is a real new summer: Julie plans the trip of her dreams to Verona, Italy, but unfortunately notices that a stranger, not very nice, but much more attractive has already moved into the villa she rented. Don’t expect a huge story, but if you need another goodbye hug from summer, go for it!

The Devil in Ohio – September 2

If that kind of excitement doesn’t bother you, and you’ve been missing out on a bit of evening excitement, we highly recommend this new feature that came out on Netflix at the beginning of September. If only because Emily Deschanel, known from Dr. Bones, plays the main role, who as a psychiatrist decides to take on the girl who managed to escape from a secret cult. It’s obviously not the best idea, and of course you’re putting your entire family at risk.

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Ready for Vengeance – September 16

We were so glad Lili Reinhart, known from Riverdale and of course amazingly talented, was finally able to prove herself outside of Look Both Ways’ Pop Snack Bar! In the movie, and it’s at least good news that we can finally see his co-star, Camila Mendes, in something completely different. Ready for Revenge tells the story of a decadent queen bee from a private high school, who teams up with the school’s reclusive new student and embarks on a campaign of revenge. The cast is especially strong: in addition to Camila Mendes, Maya Hawke and Austin Abrams from Stranger Things also appeared in the film, and there hasn’t been enough of them since Euphoria, and of course Dash and Lily.

Netflix has also cut out some insanely good series, and we show you the list

Netflix has also cut out some insanely good series, and we show you the list

Real Bling Ring – September 21

You may have seen the 2013 version directed by Sofia Coppola with Emma Watson in the title role, but now you get a more accurate picture of her in documentary form. The story shows the period between 2008 and 2009, when a group of teenagers were hanging out at the home of Paris Hilton, among others, shopping for some expensive luxury items. 10 years after what happened and after the end of the prison sentence, the members of the group tell their own story.

Szöszi (blonde) – September 28.

Andrew Dominik’s movie debuted at the end of the month and is probably the most exciting title of September’s lineup on Netflix. Joyce Carol Oates’ novel of the same name, and of course the life and work of Marilyn Monroe provided the foundation. And just how successful Ana de Armas succeeded in capturing the completely public and private identities of the icon was already evident from the movie previews. In addition to reading the novel, the actress tried to get to know the off-camera singer and Norma Jeane Mortenson through hundreds of photos, video recordings and audio materials.

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