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Netflix decides to continue the series based on these principles

Netflix decides to continue the series based on these principles

In recent weeks, many people have expressed their displeasure with the cancellation of a series they thought was a hit, but now it’s clear what it takes for a customer to think about several seasons.

In the US, the cancellation of “Warrior Nun” caused such an outcry that fans started advertising on billboards and signing petitions to bail it out, but their efforts so far haven’t really been successful.

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Netflix co-CEO Ted Sarandos revealed why not, though his answer on the matter should be understood more generally than specific in relation to the aforementioned series.

Not everything is what it seems

the for bloomberg In the set interview, Sarandos dismisses accusations that Netflix misinterpreted numbers when determining a series’ future, and then emphatically states that they “never turn their backs on a successful series.”

So how does a series that others think is successful disappear from the airwaves without a continuation? Well, there is an answer to that as well, which is the ratio of budget to audience size that the film addresses.

“Many of the canceled shows looked good, but with a huge budget, they only reached a small audience. The golden rule in our case is that a small audience can only be accompanied by a small budget, whereas in the case of a large audience, a big budget is no longer a problem – in this case That being the case, there is no barrier to continuing,” Sarandon said.

It is important to know that no matter how much money is made for a particular series, Netflix uses the data of the first 30 days as a basis, and only then decides its fate, that is, if we see a series that looks interesting, it is not worth postponing it for later, because by doing so we contribute to what may be done. removed from the screen after the season.

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Also of utmost importance is the number of people who started the series within the first 30 days and the number of people who dropped out during the first 30 days, because if Netflix sees that viewers left after one or two episodes, then it doesn’t matter much not even if it watches. The first episode is a large number of people.

Situations that seem justified may occur

While Netflix’s approach is completely understandable, there are times when other factors negatively affect the fate of a particular series.

Usually many people mention 1899 as an example, because the series was shown on the platform in mid-November, it was considered particularly successful, and then shortly after the Qatar Football World Cup kicked off, causing many to stop.

The World Cup, watched by hundreds of millions, understandably pushed the numbers back, and Netflix only saw that the projected 30-day “doing rate” was low, so it canceled the series’ continuation.

Based on the foregoing, the most we can do for a series that we consider good is to start it as soon as possible, and finish it as soon as possible. A good example of this is “Wednesday,” which viewers were “into” as soon as it was uploaded, and shortly after, the final episode was cut as well, in which case it was over. A sequel resulted.

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