Netflix decided to take a step too steep

Netflix decided to take a step too steep

a Netflix decided to, It is time to tackle the coronavirus phenomenon – Plus, on the spot In comic form! While it is a fact that everyone can laugh and have fun, it’s been a pretty daring adventure ever since The result may get worse.

a According to the Hollywood Reporter The story revolves around a team of actors and actresses who were working on a movie once the pandemic broke out. So they are now stuck in a hotel, separated from the outside world as they try to finish filming.

Just hearing the same story, you can’t decide yet Whether or not Netflix made a good decision With epidemic comedy, but it can really tilt the scale in a positive direction if she hears someone working on the project – though There is no information about the actors yet.

The director is Judd Apatow His name will be related to many funny movies 40 years old virginFrom Disaster Readyig. lately , Pete Davidson Starring, he made a comedian about the life of a comedian, but King of Staten Island In America, for example He didn’t even go to movie theatersSpecifically due to COVID-19. Additionally, this isn’t the first time Apatow has worked with Netflix, as it has previously featured a few episodes on the love Also off the line.

And the scenario Pam Brady Writes from Been for decades South Park Produce, And A. Dynamite Lady Series and Eternal acrobat You can also thank him for the movie. So, if you can handle your sense of humor in these products, You likely won’t get stuck (very) in your epidemic comedy.

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