A Netflix elkaszálta A 81-es archívumot, így reagált a showrunner kép

Netflix cut the A 81 archive, so the viewer responded

The story, based on supernatural mysticism, continues in the original podcast.

One of the January series on Netflix was A 81 Archive, led by Rebecca Sonnenshine showrunner, which you can read about on Puliwood. We explained that there is potential in the series, but in the first season he did not dare to work with really bold and innovative solutions, which also left their mark on our judgment.

However, even for weeks, the series was among the top 10 most-watched content, which is why Netflix’s decision not to release a second season of the series is so unexpected. Sonnenshine shared on Twitter after the decision that Netflix’s machete had surprised them too, and of course they were disappointed that they made new stories and found footage, and the Kailigo legends could have been built further.

According to Sonnenshine’s tweet, it’s unrealistic to have a sequel to the series on any other streaming platform in its familiar form. Those who are very interested in the story and the fate of the characters can follow the podcast of the same title to get answers to their questions.

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