Netflix CEO Defends Ricky Jervis Under Fire

Netflix CEO Defends Ricky Jervis Under Fire

Received a lot of criticism Ricky Gervais new offer, Super Nature, where the famously provocative British humorist flirted with transgender people, among others. As Jervis predicted in his situation, anger erupted after the show, and the comedian was called a transphobic and even accused of homophobia. It was also introduced on Netflix earlier Dave Chappelle Similar allegations.

Ted SarandosHowever, now Netflix CEO has defended Dave Chappelle and Ricky Gervais. Sarandos said in a new interview that he wants to support comedians’ right to “express themselves freely,” even if it means “crossing borders from time to time.”

We offer shows to a large variety of people with different opinions, tastes, and styles, yet we don’t make everything for everyone. We want something for everyone, but not everything will be for everyone

Tell Sarandos to The New York Times.

Jervis, who was shot, spoke:

I think comedy is really for that — to help us get through things, and I’m dealing with the taboo because I want to take the audience to a place they’ve never been before, even for a split second.

He told the humorist One Show, who added:

Most insults come from people who confuse the subject of the joke with the actual goal.

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