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Netflix brought the second part of The Tall Girl and how well it worked

The second part of Tall Girl, the self-made havoc of adolescence on Netflix, was just as good as the first.

Judy (Ava Michel) After his crushing speech at the prom, not only a file “a tall girl” – but also the confident folk savior from high school, who died, and was given the main role in the school musical. But with the sudden buildup of reputational pressure, it becomes more and more uncertain. New connections are made while life puts old connections to the test. As the world he builds around Judy is shattering, she slowly realizes that there are still many challenges ahead of her.

tall girl 2

Everyone Who Missed Part One of The Tall Girl (2019) is the story of a high school girl, Judy, who does her best to fit into the school environment, but at a height of 187cm, it goes without saying, it’s not easy at all. The Netflix After debuting in 2019, his teenage ruin received more criticism that the story got too dramatic, not to mention the characters getting too attached to Judy’s height. (Although that’s not exactly what happens to someone in high school, if it’s a little different from the average?)

tall girl 1

Bottom line, we think the first part of The Tall Girl is more about Jodi’s inner struggles rather than how much she puts up with attacks on her because of her size. The second part of the film focuses more on that. New friendships and love intertwine, but in the meantime, the music school band Judy struggles with constant panic attacks and demons that keep whispering: It just won’t be good enough. The Tall Girl sequel may not be an Oscar-winning piece, but it’s so beloved, and as mentioned earlier, those who loved the first won’t be disappointed this time around either.

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