Netflix announced the resumption or showing of 14 series

Netflix announced the resumption or showing of 14 series

This description applies to cookies on the website within the domain of SorozatWiki (

Make a cookie k?

A cookie is a file (a set of data) that a program that displays a website can create on a computer, mobile phone or other device that provides Internet access to a website visitor. The cookie is sent by the web server to the visitor’s browser and then returned by the browser to the server. Cookies contain data only, i.e. they do not contain executable files, viruses or spyware and cannot access the data on the user’s hard drive.
(A cookie is an encrypted set of data, a path that can only be interpreted in conjunction with this server. User data is stored on the server, not the cookie.)

Where can cookies be used?

These cookies allow identification of the user’s device used to access the Internet, and thus display relevant content tailored to the user’s needs. Cookies provide the user with easier browsing and help to provide the most convenient service. Using the statistical results obtained, we can adapt the page structure and content to the needs, while maintaining the anonymity of users.

What cookies do we use? uses two types of cookies: discontinuous and persistent. Periodic cookies are temporary files that remain on the user’s device until the end of the login period or when the application (browser) is closed. Persistent cookies are present on the user’s device for the time specified in their parameter or until deleted manually.

Why do we use cookies?

During the visit, the Website may place cookies on the User’s device used to access the Internet for the following purposes:

  • – Measuring the performance of the site
  • Browsing analysis
  • – Show related ads

Do cookies contain personal information?

Most cookies do not require any personal information to function effectively. Accordingly, in the vast majority of cases, the cookie does not identify the user. If we still collect personal information when you use certain cookies, we will use it only for the purpose of facilitating the use of certain functions by the user. The data is stored in such a way that it cannot be accessed by unauthorized persons, and the cookie itself contains not only personal data, only the key to accessing the data stored on the server, but also in an encrypted form.

Delete cookies

The browsers used to access web pages allow cookies to be placed on your device by default. Information about how cookies are handled can be found in your browser settings. These settings can be changed to prevent automatic processing of cookies by the browser, or to notify the user when a cookie has been sent to the device. It is important to know that disabling / restricting the use of cookies may adversely affect the operation of some features of the Site, such as ordering or logging in.

Why are cookies important on the Internet?

Nowadays, cookies are essential for the effective operation of the Internet. They help the user to browse comfortably through the needs and interests he knows, and to store data without which some features of the website would not work. Popular social networking sites (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) and online services are simply inoperable without the use of cookies.

It’s good to know that restricting or disabling cookies does not mean that you will no longer receive online advertising. All you can do with it is that the ads that appear will not be able to take into account your browsing habits, so they will not be tailored to your needs and interests.

Security factors and data security

Cookies are not viruses! Cookies store plain text, not snippets of code, so they cannot be run, so they cannot be considered software, including viruses.

However, it is important to emphasize that cookies can also be used for passive purposes because they store information about the user’s needs and navigation history. Through cookies, information constantly flows between the website and the browser in both directions, so that if an attacker (hacker) interferes with the transmission of data, the information stored by the cookie can be tracked.’s websites, which can be accessed at, are encrypted using high-security SSL encryption. This is indicated by a small closed padlock that appears in the browser’s address bar (where access to the current page appears) and is green in some browsers. Because of the encryption, the unauthorized person interfering with the data transmission cannot see the connection, not even the cookies.

Customize your browser’s cookie settings!

Each of the modern browsers allows you to customize your browser’s settings for cookies so that, in addition to using cookies, it is safe to provide you with convenient access to the Internet. If you only use your computer, you can set a longer expiration time to log your browsing history and store personal information.

If you share your computer with others, it’s a good idea to delete the information your browser remembers after each use, or to use the Incognito window to browse. This allows you to visit sites that place cookies on your device in a secure manner.

Update your anti-spyware and anti-virus software regularly! In many cases, anti-spyware software monitors your browsing in real time and alerts you if a user wants to load an unsafe page.

A large percentage of attacks occur through browser vulnerabilities. The older the browser version, the more vulnerabilities it has. Always install the latest version of your browser! You should check at least once a month for a newer version of your browser.

More useful links

You can learn more about cookies, their use and applicable law on the pages below.

If you have any questions about cookies, we will be happy to answer them via email!

TEN Media cookie information

1.) What information do we collect in connection with advertisements placed on the Site?

If the User does not expressly provide personal data or information on the Website in accordance with the provisions of the Privacy Policy, no personal data relating to the User will be collected and processed in a manner that allows for his or her personal identification.

By visiting the website and pressing the “I accept” button, all users agree to the use of cookies operated by external service providers in order to record the data and information contained in this leaflet in relation to the website.

This data is the user’s login computer data, which is generated during the use of the Website and which is recorded by the cookies used on the Website as an automatic result of technical operations. The data that is automatically logged by the system will be automatically logged when you visit or exit the website, without the express authorization or action of the user.

This data is not linked to other personal user data, i.e. the user cannot be identified on the basis of this data. This data may only be accessed by third party service providers that handle cookies and the data controller.

The data controller uses cookies on the website operated by an external service provider (TEN Experience Kft.). Cookies are simple, short and small text files that a website sends to a user’s computer hard drive that contains information about the user.

The data controller uses the services of the Experience TEN Kft advertising system in connection with the Site. Cookies operated by Experience TEN Kft. It helps measure traffic and other web analytics data for advertisements placed on the website. The information collected by cookies is transmitted and stored on external servers operated by Experience TEN Kft. Experience TEN Kft. This information is primarily used for the purpose of the data controller to monitor the traffic of advertisements placed on the Website and to perform analyzes on the activities performed on the Website. Experience TEN Kft. It has the right to transfer this information to third parties if this is required by law. Experience TEN Kft. This data may also be transferred to third parties who use it to process the data.

2.) How do we use this information?

In principle, data collected using the above technology may not be used to identify the User, and the Data Controller will only combine this data with other data that may be identifiable if the User expressly consents to the Data Controller’s use of selected cookies. regarding him. The following cookies will be used

Name and type of cookie Personal data or information used The purpose of data management The purpose of data management. Data management time
A number and a randomly generated string used to identify vid4u_uid -user IP Measurement, analysis and remarketing 5 naps

The primary purpose of using this data is to enable the data controller to properly operate the advertisements that appear on the site, which requires, in particular, to monitor traffic and advertising data on the site and to prevent any misuse of the site. .

In addition to the foregoing, the data controller may use this information to analyze usage trends and to improve and improve the functionality of the Website, as well as to obtain comprehensive traffic data on the entire use of the Website.

The data controller may use the information obtained in this way to compile or analyze statistics about the use of the Site and to send to third parties statistical data (such as the number of visitors, advertisements, topics or content most viewed) that is not appropriate for such identification. , or aggregation, anonymously.

3.) Option to disable cookies:

If you do not want the information described above to be collected about you in connection with your use of the Website, in the settings of your Internet browser Partially or completely You can disable the use of cookies, or change your cookie message settings.


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