A Netflix és a Disney szerint nincs visszaút, a mozik elvesztették előnyüket bevezetőkép

Netflix and Disney say there’s no going back, as movie theaters have lost their edge

Some studios have already entered the so-called cinema distribution window during the pandemic.

Inevitably, the time between cinema and home presentation will shrink, the so-called movie distribution window, ”Greg Peters, Netflix CEO and Product Manager, jerked off at Morgan Stanley’s recent virtual conference.

“Consumers want this. It’s hard to resist this trend for too long, and in the end everything leads here.”

– Tell. Peters was also asked at the event what he had to say about competitors’ criticism that Netflix shows could turn out endless and too much. Peters replied that the most impressive catalog was available to them with one click, and they are constantly working and undergoing hundreds of tests to make finding them in this wide range as easy and fun as possible.

At the same event, Disney CEO Bob Tangle also mentioned that he had said “no turning back” now, regarding home cinema:

“Consumers are more impatient than ever” because of the pandemic, they’ve been able to watch movies at home as long as they wanted for a year, so now “they won’t tolerate the title, let’s say they’ll spend months in the cinema” even before they flow.

On the cinema front, Disney has worked against the pandemic for now, with or without a movie premiere, with Disney + shows and Premier Access. For $ 10,000 Ft, some movies can also be streamed on Disney +, such as Raya, which will premiere in the US on March 5, and The Last Dragon.

Warner Bros. Also all of his 2021 films on HBO Max on the day of the movie premiere, just as Paramount movies (like Mission: Impossible 7, Soundless 2) shortened distribution period to 30-45 days, it will soon be available on streaming provider Paramount +, which is just getting started ( Replace CBS All Access).

Amidst a minor ordeal, until last year Universal agreed with AMC (and later another cinema chain) almost in the traditional style. Narrowing the distribution window in the United States to roughly 90 days to three weeks.

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